create SMART HEALTHy environments that empower people’s lifestyle  

We help add value and originality to your design projects, as well as increasing your clientele exposure

by enhancing clients‘ overall health and preventing diseases through the improvement of the quality of the indoor environment”



Our consultation is based on medical research data evidence & ergonomic features

 The program focuses on 5 specific concepts, each one possessing characteristics to be applied in your projects. 

The course is based on how health is affected by the quality of their environments covering these concepts of water, lighting, comfort, air, and biophilia.

The amount of chemicals that indoor environments has influences health specifically children who are more vulnerable to the effects of the environments do to their system still in the process of growing.  



“The program is designed in a way to learn the most important details, how to apply them and  how to sell them to your clients”

Healthy environments improves people’s  sleep cycle, performance, productivity, and a strong immune system.  

Our program value is to put human health as the core of design with the use of sustainable products.




“You’ll create healthier environments in homes, schools, commercial &
workplaces so employers can feel healthier and be more productive

Make them Feel Good and Look Good!


The respiratory system of children is still developing, so the air quality of the environment where they spend most of their time is extremely important.

There are about 6.2 million children under the age of 18 with asthma in the world (source so the quality of air is a substantial factor. 

 According to The Global Asthma, Australia has the highest percentage of children in asthma because of the warm moist which creates a suitable environment for dust mites and mould propagation. 


Benefits:  Increase in academic performance, focus, well-being, and less absenteeism.



“We provide solutions to help transform schools into healthier

environments to improve children’s health and focus”



Living in healthy environments helps you achieve a strong immune system to better prevent any virus or bacteria.

Say good-bye to fatigue, bacteria, pollutants, and allergies.

Increase employee productivity and students’ academic performance.

Increase the well-being of your clients.

If you applied to your business it adds a unique value by creating environments that enhances people’s lifestyle. 

Softer and glowing skin by removing  chlorine and bacterias of the water you use daily.

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