I have always been passionate about wellness and how to be healthier to perform better in my daily tasks. I believe health is the biggest treasure for humans. Through my experience, I have been able to feel the positive benefits in my overall well-being by transforming my space. This involves eliminating bacteria and chemicals, adding more plants to my environment, adjusting lights to match the circadian rhythm, and purifying the air and water. Over time, I experienced increased energy, better sleep quality, vitality, healthier skin, and hair texture. The allergies disappeared and I noticed that I got sick much less than before.

Xenses was created to become the global pioneer of creating healthier environments. We want to create awareness and help the world live a better quality of life. My biggest dream is that Xenses will transform families, schools, hospitals, companies, and workplaces into healthier places where people can feel much better physically and emotionally while improving their well-being.

Vanessa Santillana Hernández



-Thomas Fuller 

Our concepts are based on:

Air – Biophilia – Comfort – Light – Water